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Buying is important in our day to day acquisition of goods and services. However, more importantly is smart in buying. Buying process has gone completely online with variety of brands and stores available at a click. Customers risk losing hard earn income to wrong purchase. With advent of e-commerce customers are opened to different markets, purchases can be done on-line with deliveries, however, buyers are expose to some dangers, if not buying smartly.

General purchase of items require some basic steps to ensure smart purchase; these are the five purchasing rights: Right Quality, Right Quantities, Right source, Right price and Right destination.

# Smart Buying-Right Quality:

      It important that buyer check items conformities to industrial standards before drawing them into shopping cart and final checkout. Check and take advantage on return policy which many at times are ignored. Customers can also take advantage of convenience of online to tour different shops for product comparison before final decision is taken

# Smart Buying-Right Quantities:

Another way to ensure smart purchase is buying right quantities to ensure value for money. Sometimes buyers can take advantage on minimum order quantities as against piece meal purchase. Saving can be made from delivery if buying is done at right quantities as against wrong quantities from same source. Batching of items can also be negotiated with Dispatch Company or agent to optimize resources.



# Smart Buying-Right Price:

E-commerce afford buyers opportunities to carry out price comparison across stores as against physical contacts. This turn saves time and money which can be re-channeled for other meaningful purposes.

# Smart Buying-Right Source

This area is however broad; source determination can be through the manufacturers or the retailing shopping sites. Be sure the product reviews were checked before taking up the decision to buy. Also be sure the site is safe before logging your bank cards details during check out; watch out for safe https://..........  as against unsafe  http://.......

# SMART Buying-to the Right Place/Destination:

Always ensure your address details are correctly entered and edited during necessary changes; for door to door deliveries of ordered items. Delivery stores or dispatch companies that send ahead verification pins are likely to deliver to the right customers.

Over the years shopping process has changed a lot. Earlier it was a long tiring process of visiting crowded markets and stores. But all these have been replaced by e-commerce and hence need to buy smartly to ensure value for money.