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Dispatch Tracking In Logistics?

10 Things You Need To Know.


The world as a global village is getting smaller everyday with the use of technology. Thanks to expanded internet facilities with smart devices like mobile phones, computers and other related electronic gadgets that greatly influenced the e-Commerce transactions. Customers today are served with real time online information about their items from any part of the globe with a plethora of choices. Purchase is made easier than ever; market place drawn closer to the customers and can even take place right within comfort of your home with your items dispatched to you within agreeable timeframe. Decisions can be taken on what, when, where and how to buy with ease. Hence dispatch tracking is extremely of high importance today. With regards to seamless delivery and exchange of information through the end2end from purchase to delivery, customers’ confidence and trust are guaranteed. Effective communication and timely delivery also serve as image booster to the Third Party Logistics (3PL) service providers.


Customers want to track shipment details instantly, and they want everything in real-time! Just with a tap on their devices. Corporate bodies outsourcing part or all it transits function will need proper follow up and update on progress of both inbound and outbound shipment for proper planning and decision making.

But how does a seller or retailer keep them up to date on all the background activities that get triggered right from the moment the purchase is confirmed? 

No other way other than through effective dispatch tracking.

Dispatch tracking software serve the end-users what they want in at the tip of their fingers. Let’s explore how. The software is responsible for both transfer of information within Logistics Management System (LMS) to all stakeholders.




What is Dispatch Tracking?

This leads us to knowing what dispatch function is. Dispatch itself has been defined as optimization of standard process of resources allocation, which may include human, vehicle and technologies to efficiently transport goods from its source of origin to its final destination of request.

Software plays active role in the information transfer and accessibility to stakeholders through cloud-based data repositories or servers, data processing systems, and real-time notifications and alerts. As a result, there is absolute end-to-end transparency in the entire shipment and delivery process, both for customers and delivery stakeholders.


10 Things to Know About Dispatch Tracking and Dispatch Tracking Software

The major benefit of dispatch tracking is the transparency it promotes between third party Logistics Company 3PL and the customers. Customers are abreast with real time online relevant update information about a particular transaction.

Here are some of the amazing things one may need to know about dispatch tracking:

1. Post-Dispatch Interoperability.

Dispatch tracking helps users, retailers stay updated on the status of their package. In addition defines boundaries of responsibilities between the stakeholders.

2. Workforce Visibility

It helps 3PL companies have visibility of their entire operations assets, and business processes, thereby promoting timely resolution of bottlenecks and redundancies.

3. Tracking End-to-End E2E Order Movement

Most software often comes with integrated end-to-end solutions that maintain a comprehensive point to point movements of goods until it reaches its destination. It can also provide timely notification to the customers and confirmation of customer availability.

4. System Flexibility/Adaptability and Data Driven Decision Making

Since dispatch tracking is data-driven, it can integrate with and absorb other data systems without stress and promotes corporate system interoperation-ability.


5. Automated Task Allocation

Task allocations are facilitated with the aid of software-based dispatch platforms with due/thoughtful dynamic routing planning, which aids automated task allocation.


6. Faster and Same-Day Deliveries

High task-intensive services e.g. (same-day, rush-hour delivery.) are realized due to aid /access too highly and readily available resources, which facilitates expedite deliveries.

7. Digital Proof of Dispatch/Delivery

While resolving challenges faced by customers, e.g. (queries and complain) the software acts as a digital evidence of logged transaction in resolving issues.

8. Better Customer Experience

Customers’ satisfaction are left gratified due to real time dispatch, which improves customers pleasure, waste reduction, safe practice and overall profitability.

9. Accountability:

Internal traceability and proper record keeping within the company which supports both internal and external audit process.



10. System Acquisition Cost:

Initial acquisition cost may be high many a times depends on applicable system features deployed by the company. However this cost can be defrayed overtime from revenue generation.

Having an efficient dispatch system lays the foundation for success. Dispatch tracking app reduces the time, effort, and risk of planning everything manually. Hence, dispatch and tracking solutions are critical to operational excellence, with regards to logistics executing.