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At Tieda 3P Logistics and Agro-services staff safety and wellbeing is of high priority to us. It is important to ensure that all staff are received back home in good health and proper wellbeing in order for them to report back next day to their duty posts in sound mind. Importance of safety can never be over emphasised; awareness is the keyword both at home and at work place.  

Tiedalogistics ensures her Dispatch riders go through refresher training courses in defensive driving. Below are some tips to keep dispatcher safe in discharge of his day to day duty on the roads.

A Checklist For Every Rider.

 1. Proper/ daily fitness check of bike before and after embarking on a dispatch. Ensuring bikes go through routine and scheduled maintenance. Functionality of lighting system must not be ignored.


2.  Ensure helmets and necessary PPEs are worn properly each time riders are on the bike. Accidents don’t differentiate between short and long drive. It is important to protect the head against impacts. Accidents do happen anywhere, anytime without prior notice.


3.    Ensure Bikes are fitted with mobile phone/ handling gadgets to avoid distractions while driving, also dispatcher should pull off the road before picking any call.


4.     Road ID or other personal identification device should be worn, so that first responders can easily access your medical information and emergency contacts and your company safety department.

5.       Ensure you have your insurance and HMO cards, along with your photo ID. it’s possible that you can be refused admittance without confirmation of your insurance plan.


6.       Make sure your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact in your phone is accessible and your official phone also accessible without any lock.


7.       Bright, contrasting colors to be worn during the day, and light colors during night hours; use of high-visibility (front and rear) and blinking (rear) lights when riding at night.

8.       Sunglasses should be worn, with clear lenses even on cloudy days. They provide eye protection from insects and road debris, and can also protect your eyes in case of a crash.


9.       If you ride solo, always let someone know when you head out, your intended route and your ETA (expected time of arrival) back home.


10.      Obey all road signs and avoid short cuts, tail gating and give considerations to other road users.


11.       Bikes are designed for only one carrier with courier box in most cases avoid carrying passengers as it may be a cause for road safety disorder.


12.    Dispatcher should avoid the intake of alcoholic and abuse of drugs during a dispatch.


We can jointly eliminate hazards on the road if we ensure compliance to these simple rules.